L4 N2 hermaphrodite

mid-L4 N2 hermaphrodite small ncRNA RNA-Seq (Waterston project, Slack subgroup)

General Description

We aim to examine the changes in expression of non-coding small RNAs, including miRNAs and piRNAs/21U-RNAs, during development and aging, and in the different sexes of C. elegans using high-throughput sequencing technology Solexa. Additionally, we will identify novel small RNAs, especially novel miRNA candidates.


  1. Growth and isolation: worm growth, worm staging and isolation, small RNA isolation
  2. Sample preparation: cDNA library prep and Illumina sequencing
  3. Data Analysis: SOAP alignment


  1. Animals: mid-L4 20dC 36hrs post-L1, N2
  2. External Links: GSM336059

Release Date: 2009-06-23