Adult spe-9 Day 0

spe-9 adult hermaphrodite 0days post-L4 small ncRNA RNA-Seq (Waterston project, Slack subgroup)


small RNAs (<200bp) were isolated from spe-9 adults 5 days post-L4, and sequenced using Illumina technology. Sequences were aligned to the WS180 genome using SOAP, and converted to SAM. Alignments were lifted to WS190 coordinates by the DCC.

General Description

We report a significant number of miRNAs and other non-coding small RNAs show dramatic changes in expression during aging in C. elegans. RNAs were prepared from four diffrent timepoints during adulthood of C. elegans hermaphrodites, Day 0, 5, 8 and 12 post-L4 molt, and used for making cDNA libraries for small RNAs. Each library was sequenced using recent advances in high-throughput sequencing technology, Solexa. This study should lead to a better understanding of the aging process and age-related diseases.


  1. Growth and isolation: worm growth, worm staging and isolation, small RNA isolation
  2. Data Analysis: SOAP alignment
  3. Other Protocols: cDNA library prep and Illumina sequencing
  1. Growth Conditions: 23C

Sample Details

  1. Animals/Lines: young adult (23dC DAY0 post-L4 molt), BA671
  2. External Links: GSM463025, GSM463029

Release Date: 2010-02-13